Our values No.2 – Diversity at work

Preparing the environment

“Be colorful, Be happy!”
This is our motto at A.Y.Judie.

By it we mean that, while we want to offer products that bring out the individuality of our customers and contribute to their happiness, we also want to be an organization where our staff and everyone else involved can exercise their uniqueness to the fullest and pursue their own happiness.


Growing through work

A system where improvements can be freely suggested is also firmly set in place in our company.
It brings a great sense of fulfillment to everyone realizing that each and every one of their ideas and propositions lead to reduction in the number of mistakes, improvement in productivity, and other changes for the better in the workplace, be those big or small.


We have also established the practice of reviewing and writing down in a notebook at the end of work, what happened during the course of the day.
It only takes a mere five minutes, but being able to freely write about newly discovered challenges or what was good about the day has brought great effects to the staff.
Here are some of our staff’s feelings: "It’s a chance to speak my mind.”
“Writing [things] down helps me realize many things I was truly thinking.”
“I can see how much I’ve grown by looking back at old notebooks."


Fun and stress-free

Our staff at A.Y.Judie is mostly comprised of women, but their working styles are diverse.

There are many mothers with small children in our Nagano headquarters production department.
The leader of our production control department is also the mother of an elementary school child. She leaves work in time to see her child come home from school.
“Taking time off is not a problem and it is a pleasant working environment for women. Not to mention the work is fulfilling and fun,” she says.
She mentions, “for starters, every product is something that I would want myself, so it’s like my heart flutters just by looking at them. I’m thrilled I can see with my own eyes all those many parts being transformed into a finished product.”


She also adds, “it’s great that interpersonal communication is not stressful at all here.”
Even looking at the liveliness and friendliness going on during lunch time, you can see how good the relationships among staff members are, not being bothered about age, number of years in the company, and whether they are full-timers or not.


Creativity in sales

Our sales branch is located at our Tokyo office, where one of our staff members who studied product design at a college of arts works.
She loves stationery and although she was involved in selling it, she wanted to “be closer to the making,” so she decided to change jobs and started working at our company, where we plan, manufacture and sell all our own products.


In addition to presenting new products, selling to retailers and providing follow-ups, and maintaining sales floors, she also lends an ear to many clerks who consult her about things such as “the best way to display the products” or “how to write a proposal for a market fair.” She has accomplished a great deal in expanding sales in the stores she is in charge of, and in helping lead different events to success.
“Work in sales has a broader range of opportunities than I imagined. I didn’t think there would be this many chances to leverage the experience of my previous job and what I learned in college. It was a pleasant miscalculation.”


Happiness in immersing in work

A.Y.Judie is all about playing as a team when it comes to manufacturing.
In order to come up with top-quality products, it’s essential to create a stress-free environment where each and every staff member's individuality and own field of expertise are respected, so they can work at their fullest potential.

Our staff use up most of their vacation time, and taking maternity leave or time off to take care of their children is also quite common.
There are part-timers who wish to become full-time employees once their children have grown up and, as a company, we respect that motivation.
Because we are a small developing organization we want to realize a type of working style that can flexibly adapt to the changes each life stage brings, and is positive to everyone.


Our president says that “work is a tool for self-realization. Having a job you enjoy so much you even forget about the time is a happy thing.”
We believe that continuing to be a workplace where every staff member has an abundance of opportunities and finds their own sense of fulfillment will lead us to be an even better brand.


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