Our values No.1 – Beyond the products

What we really want

Ms. Tsuchiya, our president and one of our in-house designers, was a manager and buyer for a department store which dealt mainly with kitchen utensils and small everyday articles.
During her visits to wholesale dealers, exhibitions and production districts in Japan and abroad, she found it difficult to find accessories and portable tools for work which she truly liked.

Back then, basically all you could find were items completely focused on practical use, rustic things for men, unduly fancy or even mainly decorative objects.
It was very hard to find something that suited your needs, something easy to use and with great design. One could say it was quite stressful.


The object of discontent

It was the time when smart cards were becoming more popular, and most companies were starting to issue ID cards as employee identification. You could see more and more people in the subway or walking the business district streets during lunch wearing a plastic tag holder attached to a blue lanyard around their necks.


Is everyone really fine with revealing their name and where they work, such important personal information, to the world?
Does a simple, lackluster name tag really go well with such a stylish suit, or with such a fancy purse and necklace?
In the back of Ms. Tsuchiya's mind remained an unexplainable feeling that was neither doubt nor uneasiness.


Fulfill the function to fulfill the soul

Ms. Tsuchiya went to a university for design and crafts, learning about pottery, textiles, dying, design, painting, and sculpture among other things, and became fascinated with the “beauty of use".

It was her wish to always be able to find solace, comfort and fulfillment in everything surrounding her. Being surrounded by what she loves is one of the things that brings her happiness, so even the tools and accessories she uses at work could not be neglected.
Her feelings grew stronger, and in combination with her natural disposition to creating, she decided to found A.Y.Judie. She took it to herself to plan and manufacture accessories that both provide convenience and had a sense of design, and began selling them.


Don't forget your origins

However, her know-how of the manufacturing business was null.
Ms. Tsuchiya lived days of constant trial and error. While relying on a friend specialized in sewing and devoting herself to the manufacturing process, she also simultaneously took the time to go to numerous exhibitions, repeatedly conducted sales and marketing research in many department stores and popular variety stores, and devoured financial newspapers in order to understand market trends.

Business didn't go as she imagined. "More than feeling like a little boat being tossed to and fro by big waves, it felt as if I was crawling about at the bottom of the ocean where the light doesn't reach." In midst of that oppression, she had imported some products from overseas, but she wasn't confident that they were good enough for selling, and reluctantly had to do away with them. It was by far the most bitter experience she had yet.


As if taking one step forward and two steps back she realized once again that "balancing functionality with design is our unique feature and our strength. [She knew] that using something you love can increase a person's motivation, so [she] cannot compromise that." And with this in mind, she has continued to pursue originality, allying simple, yet stunning design with the base concept of practical, easy-to-use tools.


Be yourself, be happy

This is the story of a small company only a decade or so years old, but we have an important saying which is part of our principles:

Be colorful, be happy!

We want everyone who purchases our products to shine. We want to highlight your individuality, and be the sort of brand that contributes to your happiness. This is what we mean by these words.
We would be extremely happy if, even for a brief moment, A.Y.Judie could evoke in you a feeling of delight, happiness, positivity, satisfaction or fulfillment.


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