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When it comes to accessories made for use in different situations—business scenes in particular—functionality and convenience are essential. At A.Y.Judie, we pay attention to details in the order of millimeters in order to produce accessories with the perfect fit and purpose. And it is only because our products are born from a painstaking process of constant trials and improvements that we are able to come up with cherished, long-selling items our customers rave as “casual looking, but very convenient in actual use," or, “perfect to the smallest details."
Meticulously selecting the materials used in our products enables us to eliminate all aspects that, although seemingly trivial, are actually stress-inducing for the customer such as weight and burdensome care and cleaning. We use a plenitude of lightweight and easy-to-handle materials, such as high-quality nylon and synthetic leathers.


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The search for function leads to simplistic beauty and elegance, and being able to blend these elements in exquisite balance into our designs is one of A.Y.Judie's most distinctive features. We combine original forms with colors in all shades to make our products feel natural in the most varied of situations, whether it's when you hold one of our items in your hand, wear it around your neck or shoulder, or lay it down on your office desk. We also offer our items in a great variety of colors, so you are bound to have fun choosing.
Our products' minimalist design doesn't get in the way of your individual fashion style, personality and aura, but rather, it helps accentuate your natural charm.


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All of our products are made in Japan.
We entrust all of our products' manufacturing to workshops located within Japan equipped with top-class sewing techniques, and use almost exclusively domestic materials, with the exception of a few metal parts. We are able to keep high quality standards by regularly visiting the workshops to convey information about the purpose of the products' designs and manufacturing details.
Our staff at A.Y.Judie is made up of people spanning all ages. We try to stand in our users' shoes in order to sincerely create products that our customers will truly want, products that will increase their motivation, and products that we can be fully confident in offering.

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